The Icelandic Federation of Trade is a trade association that represents companies involved in most types of business and trade, importing, exporting, wholesaling and retail distribution.  The Icelandic Federation of Trade  represents companies at trade fairs in Europe, the United States, The Far East and throughout the world.  It lobbies on behalf of its members, liaising with members of the Icelandic Government and negotiates with trade unions. The Icelandic Federation of Trade offers business services, participates in trade promotions on behalf of its members and acts as a mediator by helping companies from abroad to link up with prospective business partners in Iceland.

The IFT runs four bilateral trade councils:

– The Icelandic EU Trade Council
– The Icelandic Chinese Trade Council
– The Icelandic Indian Trade Council
– The Icelandic Thai Trade Council – Presentation in English

The Icelandic Federation of Trade  welcomes inquiries about import or export possibilities in Iceland.  Requests from abroad from companies seeking a partner, agent or customers can be passed on to Federation members.

Hús verzlunarinnar
Our offices are in the House of Commerce (Hus verslunarinnar) in Kringlan, Reykjavik.

Presentation of the IFT in English

Contact information:

Address:  Hus verslunarinnar, Kringlan 7, 103 Reykjavík Iceland

Phone: + 354 588 89 10

E-mail:  ift@ift.is

Website:  www.atvinnurekendur.is

Contact name:  Ólafur Stephensen, Secretary General

E-mail: olafur@ift.is

Languages:  English, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic